Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

While owning a pet can be one of life's most joyful experiences, there often comes a lot of responsibility and cleaning with pet parenting.  Keep your pet-friendly apartment looking white-glove ready with these cleaning tips.

Controlling Pet Hair

  • Regular vacuuming is essential with pets.  Be sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter.  Use a Swiffer, steam mop, or similar device to clean up any remaining dander or hair left behind by the vacuum.  If you have pets who shed a lot or have little time to keep up on vacuuming, consider a robotic vacuum to do the dirty work while you’re sleeping or out of the house.
  • Place washable blankets or sheets where your pets like to spend time the most.  Regularly shake out the blanket outside and then wash in the washing machine to keep pet hair from spreading throughout your home.
  • Keep your pets well groomed.  Brushing your pets with a Furminator or similar brush will grab hair before its shed on your floors and furniture.  The Dyson Groom tool can be attached to select Dyson vacuums and allows you to suck hair off your pet while you groom.
  • Use a lint roller to grab pet hair on upholstered furniture, curtains, lampshades, clothing, and other fabrics.
  • Purchase machine-washable linens, pillows, and décor when possible so pet hair and odors can be easily removed in the washing machine.

Keep Mud & Dirt Outside

  • Keep a shallow container of water and a clean towel by the entrances to your home to wash paws after walks – especially on rainy days or in the winter when salt can be tracked inside.

Removing Pet Stains & Odors

  • For urine stains on carpet use a clean, wet cloth to blot the spot as soon as possible.  Once you’ve blotted and absorbed as much urine as you can, clean the stain using a solution of 1 cup water, 1 cup white vinegar, and ¼ tsp. dish soap.  Rinse the solution by blotting with another clean, wet cloth.  Repeat this process until the stain is gone.
  • Enzyme products can dissolve pet stains using harmless bacteria that “eat” pet matter.  Two highly-rated products include Nature’s Miracle Dog Stain & Odor Remover and Roxxo & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator.
  • Open your windows at least once per week to air out any pet smells in your home. 
  • Use reed diffusers to help give your home a fresh smell.
  • Easily and naturally deodorize your car or non-washable items with a homemade spray using lavender oil.  Mix a few drops of the essential oil with distilled water in a spray bottle and apply whenever needed.
  • Washing bedding, pet beds, pillows, and other items with 1 cup of baking soda added to your load will help banish odors. 

Kitty Cleanup

  • New and innovative litter boxes take the mess out of cleaning.  Sifting tray systems such as Luuup allow you to scoop litter while saving unused kitty litter. 
  • Add baking soda to your cat’s litter box for extra odor-absorption.


What are your pet cleanup secrets?  Share with us in the comments below or on one of our social pages to join the discussion.