Apartment Review: Satyr Hill Apartments in Parkville, MD

We received a glowing letter from one of our residents here at Satyr Hill Apartments in Parkville/Carney and just couldn't resist sharing it with you!  Good living starts here.

"I would like to tell you about your Leasing Manager at Satyr Hill Apartments, Meghan.  I have lived in this apartment complex for over ten years, and been subject through more than one changes in ownership and management.  

In the past ten years I have not seen my neighborhood, my home, running more successfully than I do now. I know you are very busy, but I cannot let the positive experiences go unrecognized. Things have changed drastically for the better since Peak Management and Ms. Hatfield have been here.    

When Ms. Hatfield asked you- the company- for signs that said, "NO SOLICITATION", and "PRIVATE PROPERTY", you obliged. She heard the residents here and made our life more peaceful. Since then we have had far less intrusions and scammers. Even just last week some folks knocked at our door- we e-mailed Ms. Hatfield immediately and she was able to appropriately confront the company (who was in violation of the no solicitation) and insure that no resident was taken in by that scam. Ms. Hatfield should be proud, as should you, as these solicitations are now extremely rare whereas just a small while ago they were rampant.

 When there was a kitchen fire, she was there almost before the fire department. She stayed after they had left, everyone safe and minimal damage. I reside in an apartment that has been renovated since the fire a few years ago, but I remember that fire very, very, clearly. Safety is always on the forefront of my mind, as I believe it is on yours as Regional Manager. It is also a priority for Ms. Hatfield, which not only has she spoken about but acted upon. Her dedication, professionalism, and caring is why I am happy, and proud, to be a resident here. 

I want to commend Peak Management for it's improvements to this property, my home. It has always been a pleasant place to live, and I have known other property managers (over the years, here). The treatment that Peak Management has done here has been caring and efficient and exceeded my previous expectations.  I am very pleased that the company I rent from is fair and goes above and beyond most companies, but to have Ms. Hatfield in her position shows not only a true understanding, but a desire for excellence. 

Ms. Hatfield has shown such a true dedication to the company and to the community, with such professionalism, that I feel compelled to speak about it. I don't believe that good work goes unrewarded, and I know that on any given day you (and Ms. Hatfield) must deal with many complaints- as do all in the Service/Hospitality industry. But I am here to tell you that significant, positive changes have and are happening here, at Satyr Hill, under Ms. Hatfield's management.  

Thank you for your time, your caring, and reading this message to the end. I apologize for the length, but I've been here for ten years so it was hard to cut it short!"