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All About Color

All About Color

Create a stunning design for your apartment or townhome by creating color combinations to set the mood in each room.

Upgraded Living Starts at Tuscany Gardens Apartments

Our beautiful, spacious, cross-ventilated apartments at Tuscany Gardens are getting an upgrade. Renovated apartments now feature sleek granite countertops, vinyl plank flooring, upgraded cabinetry with brushed nickel hardware, and a modern all-in-one in-home laundry machine.

See our latest images below and feel free to comment with your favorite new feature.

Good living starts at Tuscany Gardens.

Take a Tour of Hallfield Apartments in Nottingham, MD

We would love to welcome you home to our newly updated Hallfield Apartments in Nottingham, MD.  Close to the Avenue at White Marsh, Nottingham Square, Honeygo Run Park and more you'll find quiet yet convenient living here.  Our kitchens are designed with sleek, stainless-steel appliances and updated subway tile.  Contact us to tour today.

Patio & Balcony Gardening 101

Patio & Balcony Gardening 101

Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you can't grow a beautiful garden.  From colorful flowers to delicious veggies, we've got a few tips to help your garden grow this spring.

Apps to Help You Organize Your Closet without Leaving Home

Apple App Store Image

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to clean out your home this year, it’s never been a better time to declutter thanks to the latest technology.  We’ve compiled a list of the best apps for helping you tackle your clutter this year – all without stepping foot outside of your home.

1.       Stylebook – Use this app to organize your closet, select outfits, and find fashion inspiration.  By taking photos of your clothes and loading them into Stylebook, you can mix and match your pieces while lounging on your couch.  Stylebook’s team of experts also provide outfit ideas, clothing care instructions, and more.

2.       Poshmark You can buy and sell unworn clothes using the Poshmark app.  Kind of like an eBay –without the bidding - for clothing, simply upload a photo of the item(s) you want to sell, enter a description and price, and wait for a buyer.  Buyers & sellers are able to communicate through the app to negotiate prices or discuss more details about the item.  Sellers earn 80% of selling price for each item priced $15 or more.  For lower-priced items, a $2.95 commission applies.

3.       thredUP – Selling on thredUP is easy.  Simply request a “Clean Out” bag from the company and fill the bag with women’s or children’s clothing that qualifies, and thredUP does the rest.  Sellers earn a percentage of the final selling price ranging from 10-80%. 

4.       Tradesy – If you have luxury and designer items to sell, Tradesy is the place to do it.  The Tradesy app walks you through the selling process from uploading photos to selecting a sale price.  Shipping labels are provided by Tradesy when an item sells and all returns are handled by Tradesy.  Tradesy fees range from 9%-12%, depending upon whether you choose to be paid by store credit or in cash.

5.       Mercari  - You can sell almost anything on the Mercari app from housewares to clothing.  Start by uploading a few photos of your item and a description.   Mercari sends you shipping labels once your item is sold.  Selling fees are 10% of the listing price.

6.       LetgoThis is one app that allows you to sell completely for free.  You can sell almost anything on Letgo for free to someone in your local area.  However, this app acts more as a “Craig’s List” type listing service than an eBay-type sales platform.  Sellers and buyers are responsible for all communication, setting up pick up and shipping, and determining final pricing.  Letgo does not get involved in resolving disputes.

7.       Gone – Gone is an app for selling electronics you no longer use.  Although Gone does not collect commissions or charge selling fees, they determine the final price for the item you wish to sell.  This is an easy, hassle-free way to get rid of any old devices that you no longer use. 

Decorating with Pantone's Color of the Year: Greenery 15-0343

Copyright 2017  Pantone

Copyright 2017 Pantone

Pantone has chosen Greenery as it’s color of 2017.  Using this color in your home can add a refreshing, natural pop of color.  Color inspirations can be found on Pantone’s color of the year page and there are several great palettes to help inspire you when decorating.  The Transitions palette includes last year’s colors: Serenity & Rose Quartz so you can easily update any styles from last year.

Check out the slideshow below for some great design inspiration from area shops.  Also, see below for more information about purchasing these items, including web links.  All images are copyright of their respective companies.



1.       Bath and Body Works – Sunlit Garden 3-Wick Candle, $22.50

2.      Bath and Body Works – White Tea & Pear 3-Wick Candle, $22.50

3.       Kirklands – Lavender and Heather Mix Wreath, $29.99

4.       Kirklands – Half Tulip Wreath, $24.99

5.       Two Sisters – Marble Artichoke Coasters, $44.99

6.     Overstock.com – b.b.begonia Blossom Reversible Design Outdoor Area Rug, $114.49

7.     Bassett Furniture – Basecamp Apple Green Quilt, $179.00

8.     Bassett Furniture – Array Green Decorative Pillow, $99.00

9.     Bassett Furniture – Sommersby Area Rug, $699.00

10.   Pier 1 – Green Leaf Stoneware Bowl, $2.98

11.    Pier 1 – Green Garden Stool, $99.95

12.   Pier 1 - Luca Green Oval Chair, $149.95

13.   Pier 1- Carmelo Palm Green Melamine Dinnerware, $6.95-$7.95

14.   Ikea – Strandmon Ottoman in Skiftebo Green, $89.00 & Strandmon Wing Chair in Skiftebo Green, $279.00

Dress Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

Budget Bedroom Decorating

Dress Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

While everyone would certainly love to be able to completely makeover their home to look like the latest product of an HGTV show, the reality is most of us don’t have the time or the money to create such lavish and expensive digs. Luckily, there are many ways you can create a trendy and sophisticated space for you to come home to without breaking the bank. Check out a few of our suggestions below!

1.      Add stylish and colorful throw pillows to enhance your color scheme. Careful though, pillows should not take up more than half the bed.


2.      Find stylish ways to hide your clutter. Invest in decorative baskets or bins to reduce stress-producing disorganization.


3.      Invest in a new comforter or duvet to completely change the look and feel of your bedroom. The bed is the focal point, so start there with your decorating theme and color.


4.      Rearranging the furniture into a new layout can make your room feel like an entirely new space. Try using a Feng Shui technique to evoke a calming energy in the space: http://www.wikihow.com/Feng-Shui-Your-Bedroom


5.      Add a decorative rug to the room to create a more pulled together and finished look. Make sure you choose the right size for your room – the rug should start at the head of the bed or 2 feet from the head of the bed and extend at least 2 feet beyond the foot of the bed. Check out this diagram for help : http://goo.gl/F18skF


6.      Add decorative handles to dresser and nightstand drawers to add a small touch with a big impact. Check out some of the whimsical options on CoolKnobsandPulls.com


7.      Add some houseplants to add a more peaceful, spa-like ambiance to the bedroom. As an added bonus, plants generate oxygen and help to remove toxins from the air.


8.       Make sure that the size all of the items in your room complement each other – Do not pair a double bed with a tiny bedside lamp!


9.      Try mounting a sconce to the wall to free up some space on your nightstand while also adding a tasteful piece of wall art. Make sure you use the right bulbs as well – a three way bulb that allows for more muted light helps to reduce harsh light right before bed.


10.  If you are dealing with a smaller bedroom space, adding a decorative mirror can help to make the room feel larger while adding a design element.



Apartment Design: Pet-Friendly Decorating

Living with animals doesn't mean you have to compromise your style.  Follow these decorating tips to keep your apartment looking great while living with your four-legged family members.

Pet Friendly Apartment Decorating


Use Slip-Proof Area Rugs

Rugs are a great way to change the look of your room almost instantly and also offer great floor protection against scratches.  Be sure to add a non-slip pad to prevent rugs from sliding out from under your pets while they play.  Area rugs are also great for apartment dwelling pet owners as the rugs will muffle any sound from the pets.

Jute, sisal, and seagrass mats are great options that are durable enough for pet owners, but not too costly to replace once they begin to wear.  Selecting area rugs that are a similar color to your pets' fur also helps hide pet hair.

Choose Furniture & Accessories Wisely

Keep in mind the upholstery and materials of your furniture when decorating your home.  Certain fabrics such as velvet are pet-hair magnets, others such as tweed can tangle up with pet hair making cleaning nearly impossible.  Silk & satin fabrics should be kept to a minimum near pets who may scratch and cause snags.  Furniture with metal legs is great for teething puppies or cats who love to scratch.

Carpet Care

Keep your carpets in top condition by making sure your pets' claws are clipped.  Long claws can snag on carpets and create pulls and tears, quickly wearing down your carpet.  Brush pets outside when possible to keep hair to a minimum indoors.  It's also a good idea to keep a non-toxic, pet-friendly carpet cleaner on hand in the event of any stains.

Chic Pet Beds

Choose a pet bed that you won't be embarrassed to keep out.  With shops like Posh Puppy Boutique, Poochie Heaven, and The Cat Ball, you can find a pet bed that matches your decor.  J'Adore Pet Beds can even custom design a pet bed in a variety of styles to match your home perfectly.

Hang Leashes Stylishly

Leashes don't have to become clutter.  With a well-designed leash hanger and some cute, patterned leashes you can create an entryway accessory.  Etsy offers a huge array of artistic dog leash holders that look great.  Dog Collars & Leashes Boutique has a store with hundreds of different leash designs ranging from posh to punk.  Select those that match your personal style.

Create a Dining Room for Your Pet

Why should humans be the only ones to enjoy fine dining?  Dress up your pet's feeding area with a cute 2'x3' rug.  Modern designs are almost always found at Target or Ikea at reasonable prices.  Harry Barker and Doggie Couture Shop design "fine china" for pets with designer pet dishes, elevated feeders, and even water fountains for your pet.

Keep the Pet Food Out

With attractive pet food containers, like these sold by Wag.com, there's no need to take up valuable storage space in your pantry or closet with bags of pet food.  Pet food containers also add security to your dog food - ensuring your dog, cat, or unwanted pests won't find their way in.


Find your next stylish, pet-friendly home at one of our 11 Baltimore area apartment communities.  Pet friendly living starts here.  


Want to show off your pet friendly decorating?  Comment below or share with us on Facebook!


Cheap Apartment & Townhome Upgrades: Shower Curtains to Brighten Your Bathroom

Cheap Apartment & Townhome Upgrades: Shower Curtains to Brighten Your Bathroom

You don't need a full bathroom remodel to upgrade the look of your bathroom.  We've got some great ways to brighten up your apartment or townhome bathroom with these stylish shower curtains.