Moving Tips Monday: Tips & Tricks for Packing Your Moving Truck

Most people have a well thought-out plan when packing up belongings for a move, but do you have a plan for packing your moving truck?  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with a smooth move.

Useful Items to Have On Hand

Several items will be extremely useful during your big move.  Be sure to keep moving blankets and furniture pads on hand to help protect your furniture from scratching.  Specially designed bags to protect furniture are very helpful and can be purchased for chairs, couches, mattresses, and more.  Framed artwork and mirrors should be protected in special mirror boxes.

Household moving labels are also useful for marking boxes by room so they can be easily unloaded after your move.  You can also use a good, old-fashioned permanent marker to label boxes, too.  Be sure to mark any fragile items!

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Disassembling Furniture & Large Items

To save space in your moving truck, it's wise to disassemble large items when possible.  Tape screws, bolts, and other hardware to the item with painter's tape to keep parts together and to avoid headaches when reassembling.


Safety First!

Use a hand truck or dolly to load heavy items onto the truck.  You can often rent items such as these from your local Uhaul dealer.  A Forearm Forklift is also useful when moving large items.  Be sure to always lift with your legs, not your back, to prevent injury.


Load Heaviest Items First

Keep your truck properly balanced by loading heaviest items in first, making sure to balance the weight evenly around the truck.  Be sure doors to large appliances and furniture are secured before loading onto the truck.   Larger appliances should always be kept upright.


Longer Items Second

When possible, load longer items (such as couches) on end to take advantage of the most space in the moving truck.  Secure furniture with bungee cords to prevent tip-over.  When moving tables that cannot be disassembled, place a moving blanket on the floor of the truck and position the table upside down with the legs facing up.  This will prevent the table from tipping over during the move.


Boxes Third

After loading the large, long, and heavy items, fill in space with the remaining boxes.  Use these items to help anchor the first items loaded.  It's also wise to mark any boxes containing fragile items and keep those boxes toward the rear of the truck where they can be unloaded first and placed out of harm's way quickly.  Be sure all fragile items are not only visibly marked, but also properly packed with peanuts, foam, or special dish or glassware boxes.


First Night Kit

Create a kit for the first night in your new home that includes daily personal care items such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, and a change of clothes.  You'll also want to include housewares such as a coffee maker, sheets, towels, and pillows.  Don't forget your cell phone charger, too!  Curtains or window coverings may be useful if your new home doesn't provide these.

Don't forget to pack a first night kit for your pet!  Include a cat/dog bed, food, and bowls for your pet.  To make the move less stressful for your pet include his/her favorite toy in your first night kit.