Are you planning to move with your furry friend? Despite how many communities have pets, though, it's hard for someone to find a pet-friendly community. It's already hard enough to find a new home, let alone one that accommodates pets. It's important to find a nice community and home for your pet to thrive in. To help you determine if an apartment or rental home is good for you and your pet, we've listed some key things to consider below.

Pet Friendly vs. Pets Allowed

Not all apartment communities are pet friendly. As a pet owner, you should consider the best for your furry friend when looking for an apartment. There is a difference between pet tolerable and pet friendly apartments.

While having a "pet-friendly" tag on a community makes it more attractive for potential renters, some property owners exploit this to attract more prospects. Truly pet friendly communities offer amenities such as dog parks or dog wash stations and conveniences such as cleanup stations throughout the community. Another sign of a pet-friendly community is if a community offers events for your pets such as the occasional "yappy hour" or community dog walks.

Accommodations to Consider for Your Pet

Take your time researching all the features within the apartment that will make life with your pet even better.  

One major consideration when looking for a pet-friendly apartment is space. Choose a floorplan that will give your pet plenty of space to roam and play, especially if you own a larger or more active dog breed. 

Flooring within your apartment is another thing to consider. Apartments that have carpet throughout the entire home may prove harder to keep clean with pet hair and dirt and can be a challenge to clean if your pet causes any stains. Look for apartments with hard flooring such as vinyl plank floors that make cleaning easier.

Nearby Conveniences

Check the local neighborhood and surrounding area for conveniences such as a nearby veterinarian (be sure to check their reputation!), dog parks, and pet stores. Also scout the area for local parks with walking or hiking paths that will give you and your dog a change of scenery while getting some exercise. 

These days many local businesses will also host their own pet-friendly events. Craft breweries often hold outdoor pet happy hours during the spring, summer, and fall. Pet festivals such as DogFest and the World of Pets held annually in the Baltimore area are other great local attractions to keep an eye out for.

Pet Restrictions

Although pet friendly, many communities or property owners will still have restrictions on the types and/or breeds allowed within their community. While some pet-tolerant communities will often allow cats and smaller mini or toy breeds, they're unlikely to allow larger dog breeds. Pet-friendly communities are much more lenient when it comes to the breeds of dogs allowed, however, may still often restrict certain breeds such as Dobermans, Pit Bulls, or German Shepherds. 

Check for the limit on the number of pets you'll be allowed to have in your apartment, too. Some communities limit the total number of pets to just one, others allow two or only require the total weight of the pets not exceed a certain limit.

Live in a Pet-Friendly Community Today!

Your pet should never make it harder for you to find a place to live. Luckily, finding a pet-friendly community has never been easier. Check out Peak Management's pet-friendly communities in the Baltimore area here. Need some assistance finding the perfect place? Contact us and we'll be happy to assist!