Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

It’s one of the most fun evenings of the year for neighborhood children.  Keep the evening fun & safe with these top tips for keeping kids away from danger on Halloween night.

·        Be sure children are accompanied by a responsible, trustworthy adult at all times.

·        Research the area you’ll be trick-or-treating and know the streets in and around the community before you arrive.  Stay in well-lit and populated areas at all times.

·        Increase visibility of your trick-or-treating group with reflective tape, flashlights, and/or glow sticks so vehicles can easily see you at night.

·        Cross streets only at designated crosswalks, stop signs, or traffic lights.

·        Avoid using your smartphone or other device when out walking around.  Keep your full attention on your surroundings at all times.

·        Check costumes before heading out to make sure they are hemmed short enough to avoid trip-hazards.  Don’t know how to sew? Hem tape is available at most major retailers and craft stores that will allow you to quickly shorten costumes before heading out.

·        Never enter someone’s home for a treat.

·        Always carefully examine candy before eating.  Discard opened candy or anything that looks suspicious.

·        As a driver, drive with extra caution on Halloween night.  Pull out of parking spaces slowly and spend extra time at stop signs.

Fire Prevention Month: Apartment Fire Prevention & Safety Tips

Fire Prevention Month: Apartment Fire Prevention & Safety Tips

Fires can occur quickly and with little warning, however, many fires are preventable.  As an apartment dweller it's important to protect yourself, those you live with, and your neighbors as fires can quickly spread.  Follow these fire prevention tips to keep yourself and your neighbors safe.