Top 5 Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Rental Home

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So, you’re in the market for a new home for you and your four-legged friend.  How can you distinguish communities where pets are allowed from those which are truly pet-friendly?   According to, 83% of apartment residents have difficulty finding housing to accommodate their pets.  A few simple tips can help you find the perfect new place for you and your furry companion.

1.       Check pet-friendly rental listings.  Websites and directories such as the Maryland Pet Gazette showcase apartment communities which are pet-friendly.  Major rental listing sites such as or have filters available so that you can find pet-friendly apartments, and even apply specific filters to properties that allow cats, dogs, or both.

2.       Look at the amenities in the community.  Properties that are truly pet-friendly offer services or amenities for pets such as fenced dog parks, pet cleanup stations, or dog wash areas. 

3.       Visit the property.  When touring, keep an eye out for other pets around the community.  Feel free to ask other pet owners about the community, what it offers for pets, and how they like living there.

4.       Prepare your pet’s records.  Most landlords require immunization records, license information, and photos of your pet when applying for an apartment.  Having everything prepared ahead of time will make your move-in process less stressful.

5.       Research additional policies, rent, and deposits.  Almost all communities require a pet fee, pet deposit, and/or pet rent.  Ask for this information up front so that you can prepare and budget accordingly.  Request a copy of the community’s pet addendum and other forms so you’re aware of everything expected of you as a pet owner. 

6.       Check for any restrictions.  Many buildings have breed restrictions and may not allow exotic pets.  It’s important to check for any weight, breed, species, number of pets, and other restrictions that may apply. 

With ample planning and a little research, you can find the perfect home for you and your pets. 

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Apartment Design: Pet-Friendly Decorating

Living with animals doesn't mean you have to compromise your style.  Follow these decorating tips to keep your apartment looking great while living with your four-legged family members.

Pet Friendly Apartment Decorating


Use Slip-Proof Area Rugs

Rugs are a great way to change the look of your room almost instantly and also offer great floor protection against scratches.  Be sure to add a non-slip pad to prevent rugs from sliding out from under your pets while they play.  Area rugs are also great for apartment dwelling pet owners as the rugs will muffle any sound from the pets.

Jute, sisal, and seagrass mats are great options that are durable enough for pet owners, but not too costly to replace once they begin to wear.  Selecting area rugs that are a similar color to your pets' fur also helps hide pet hair.

Choose Furniture & Accessories Wisely

Keep in mind the upholstery and materials of your furniture when decorating your home.  Certain fabrics such as velvet are pet-hair magnets, others such as tweed can tangle up with pet hair making cleaning nearly impossible.  Silk & satin fabrics should be kept to a minimum near pets who may scratch and cause snags.  Furniture with metal legs is great for teething puppies or cats who love to scratch.

Carpet Care

Keep your carpets in top condition by making sure your pets' claws are clipped.  Long claws can snag on carpets and create pulls and tears, quickly wearing down your carpet.  Brush pets outside when possible to keep hair to a minimum indoors.  It's also a good idea to keep a non-toxic, pet-friendly carpet cleaner on hand in the event of any stains.

Chic Pet Beds

Choose a pet bed that you won't be embarrassed to keep out.  With shops like Posh Puppy Boutique, Poochie Heaven, and The Cat Ball, you can find a pet bed that matches your decor.  J'Adore Pet Beds can even custom design a pet bed in a variety of styles to match your home perfectly.

Hang Leashes Stylishly

Leashes don't have to become clutter.  With a well-designed leash hanger and some cute, patterned leashes you can create an entryway accessory.  Etsy offers a huge array of artistic dog leash holders that look great.  Dog Collars & Leashes Boutique has a store with hundreds of different leash designs ranging from posh to punk.  Select those that match your personal style.

Create a Dining Room for Your Pet

Why should humans be the only ones to enjoy fine dining?  Dress up your pet's feeding area with a cute 2'x3' rug.  Modern designs are almost always found at Target or Ikea at reasonable prices.  Harry Barker and Doggie Couture Shop design "fine china" for pets with designer pet dishes, elevated feeders, and even water fountains for your pet.

Keep the Pet Food Out

With attractive pet food containers, like these sold by, there's no need to take up valuable storage space in your pantry or closet with bags of pet food.  Pet food containers also add security to your dog food - ensuring your dog, cat, or unwanted pests won't find their way in.


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