The Best Apps for Organizing Your Life

Life getting too hectic?  Feel out of control?  There's an app for that and we've compiled a list of the most useful apps you can add to your phone or tablet to help you regain control.

Money Savings Apps

  • SavingStar: For anyone who makes regular trips to the grocery store, this app can help save a ton of money!  Search for items on your grocery list, purchase them during your normal shopping, and come back to the app to submit proof of purchase for cash back.  Cash can be refunded to your bank account, donated to charity, or redeemed for an Amazon gift card.
  • Red Laser:  This is the king of all price comparison apps.  Scan barcodes from 1,000's of items to find prices from competitors (brick-and-mortar and online) to find the best prices.
  • Groupon:  Everyone loves a good deal and Groupon sends them out daily.  The mobile app will automatically find deals located near you.
  • Living Social: Similar to Groupon, you can find local deals for as much as half-off or more.
  • CoSign:  Make money off your favorite clothes, accessories, and more with CoSign!  Take aphoto of your outfit of the day or one of your favorite products, tag the products in the photo, and share on social media.  When someone clicks through and purchases one of the tagged items, you get a commission check!  Each retailer offers a different commission, but each typically ranges from 3%-5%.
  • GoodRx: This app makes searching for the best prices on prescription drugs easy.  In addition to scanning local and online pharmacies, the app also offers coupons and discounts on prescription drugs to make those pills a little easier to swallow.
  • Ibotta: Similar to SavingStar, this app offers cash refunds for products you purchase.  Funds can be withdrawn to your PayPal or Venmo account after accumulating $5 in rewards.
  • Gas Buddy: Find the nearest and cheapest gas to your current location with the Gas Buddy app.  You can report gas prices to earn points and enter drawings for gas cards, too!

Organization Apps

  • Evernote: Organize notes, create to-do lists, and even scan documents with this powerful app.
  • Key Ring: Do all of those rewards & VIP cards make your wallet bulky?  Are you often forgetting your cards at home?  Download Key Ring and store all rewards information on your phone for quick & easy access.
  • Grocery IQ:  Create grocery lists with an estimated bill before entering the grocery store!  Because this app is powered by, you can also search a large database of coupons and print before your trip for added savings!
  • Cardmunch: Don't lose another business card!  Take a picture of business cards and store them in Cardmunch.

Time Management Apps

  • Waze: Is traffic a mess?  Download Waze to find the best route to work.  With real-time traffic information, your route is updated when a major incident is reported so you'll always be driving on the fastest route possible.  Waze also offers gas price comparisons similar to that of Gas Buddy.
  • Focus Booster: This app is based on the pomodoro technique of breaking time down into small increments, separated by short breaks to boos productivity and focus.  The app can also be used with the web dashboard to track time and set time limits for projects.
  • Toggl:  THis is a great app for anyone who needs to log hours worked for various clients (such as contractors, consultants, accountants, etc.)  Simply clock-in, clock-out and select the project/client you're working on and Toggl will provide the reports you need to analyze and bill time accordingly.