Your Apartment Needs Some Flowers!

Spring is almost here and one of the best ways to bring spring into your apartment is with some flowers.  Fresh or faux, flowers bring color to any room and can make a home look larger and more finished.  But, there's something fresh flowers can offer that faux can't and that's the lovely scent of lilies, lilac, roses, and more.  Get rid of the air fresheners and dangerous scented candles and bring natural beauty into your apartment this spring.

  • A bouquet of flowers is a great addition to your dining table or bookshelf.
  • Dried herbs and flowers can be hung in windows as decor and potpourri.
  • Roses can be placed on window sills or in bathrooms in small bud vases.
  • Peace lilies are easily cared for, don't require direct sunlight, and make perfect plants for indoors.
  • Marigolds add bright color to your living space.